Here are some links to colleagues web-sites, who may be able to offer advice and services that you may find useful. The list is by no means exhaustive and there are many other surgeons whose opinions I can and do request on behalf of my patients, that may not yet have web-sites that I can direct you to.

For an orthopaedic surgeon in North Yorkshire please go to


Mr Steve Bollen

Mr Paul Sutton

Hip and knees

Mr Peter Campbell

Mr Martyn Porter

Mr Richard Villar


Mr Simon Buckley

Mr Evert Smith

Shoulders and Elbows

Mr Len Funk

Mr Raymond Newman


Mr Peter Campbell


Mr Raymond Newman

Plastic Surgery

Prof. Simon Kay

Elbow, wrist and hand joint replacements

Prof. John Stanley

Second Opinion and Hand / Wrist Medicolegal reports

Mr Robert Farnell